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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Weather in the Middle East Desert If you like hot weather, this is the place for you!The Desert has manysand dunes (right) that act as a safety barrier between you and the outsideworld! If you have a camel, time toput them to work! Camels area great method of transportationand carrying goods! Rain is horrible, we all know it! Thankfully, the desert only givesabout 3-4 inches of rain a year! Oases Here in the Oases, waters arecommon! It's an amazing placefor farming your crops, sinceit's fertile land is the bestaround! Like to wander? Not a problem;our locals usually create pathsleading to the Oases so youcan always find your way back! Hate wasting things? Not a problem.You can always finda use for your leftovers;making things from fibers,fertilizing the land, thereare many possibilities! Livability Rating: 1Living in the Desert is a toughchallenge; you could eithertravel around with your cattleor live in a village,but no matterwhat you choose, the drastictemperature changes remainthe same. Trade Rating: 3Considering most civilianstraveled with their goods anyway,and most paths go towardsmarkets and trading stations,it's easier to trade than most. Livability Rating: 3It's a great place to raisecattle and farm, and theweather is more tamethan in the desertaround it. There are many paths along the wayto show travelers where it is. Trade Rating: 2There isn't much talk of trading routes in theOases, even thoughthey have many goodsto trade with. There are,however, paths leading toOases, so trading centerswould have been useful.
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