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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Three Branches The Three Branches The Executive Branch Has the president, vice presidentand the cabinet Is ableto enforce laws Is ableto enforce laws Approves or vetoscongress's bills. This BranchDirects (in charge of) Military This branch writes the federal budget This branchmakesa foreign policy To become the President youhave to be a natural born citizen,you have to be over the age 35, and you have to been living in the U.S for at least 14 years. The Judicial Branch The Legislative Branch Appoints the judges andrecommends legislation This branchcrafts (makes) bills Can overturn vetoes to pass bills This branch canimpeach thepress They must approve president's budget This branch isable todeclare war Has the house of rep'sand the senate They have the power to impeach. And has the powerto over ride vetoes. You must be over 25 years of age,a U.S citizen for a least seven years. And a residentof the state they represent. Thereneeds to be two for each state. So 100 intotal. This branch Interpret laws They decide if laws areinstitutional This branch decides court cases They settle cases between 2 or more states They decideif onehas broken thelaw. They assign appropriatepenalties They interpretlawsand presidentialactions You have to be a U.S citizenA attorney licensed to practicein Illinois, and a resident of the district Negotiate foreign treaties. Make appointments Can propose laws. Can impeach and remove judges.Can create lower federalaccounts. Checks & Balances Checks & Balances Checks & Balances Can declare actionsunconstitutional.Can declare acts of congress unconstitutional. This branch is made out ofthe supreme, circuit,local, and city courts. Checks andbalances mean how the brancheskeep each other in check and how they keep each other's power equally.
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