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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cleanup Death s Oil Spills Over 30,000 people chimed in and helped clean up the oil, clean up the animals, and clean up the beaches. The Oil In the BP oil spill 6,147 birds , 613 sea turtles, and 157 mammals died. How to prevent oil spills Scientists are forcing federal agencies to do there job. And they are working to stall the oil drilling of Beaufort and Chukchi sea.States are also making sure boats vessels,and other equipment are up to date and working. And boat managers are making sure boat staff know the drills.We can check on boat vessels we can check if the fuel lines are still in good condition and that all seals are connected tightly. In the Gulf Oil spill about 800,000 birds died. The BP oil spill unleashed 5 million barrels of oil. BP owes $40 million dollars in fines with and additional $16 million. 32.9 million gallons of oil naturally evaporated. More than 200 Million gallons of oil was pumped in the Gulf of Mexico The oil sank 5,000 feet beneath the ocean's surface The U.S uses the most oilout of all of the othercountries. The soap company Dawn helped clean thousands of animals. Oil spills are bad because they can mess up a wholeeco-system and kill thousands of animals.For example,oil spills damage marine plants. And Marine animals (Lobsters,Fish,clam,)Live off of that, And humans eat Marine animals and ifThose plants die the marine animals die and Humans have nothing to eat. Animals will try and lick them selves clean, but they only poison them selves. Thousand of marine plants have died because the oil has poisoned them The animal that had the most deaths is the birds. About 7,000 were collectedand about 40% were oiled It has been for years and the oil from ONE oil spill is killing wildlife About 95% marine animals were found dead. By:Tia Watson
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