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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Waterfor Elephant s USA start from scratch[clears the canvas] ~Sara Gruen~Published May 26, 2006Did You Know...?~The most well known circuscompany in the US was the RinglingBrothers~Some of the characters (suchas Jacob orRosie the elephant) arebased off of real people or animals~Virtually 96% of a circus animal'slife is spent in a cage~Around 500 people are killed byelephants each year~Almost 100 people have been killedby circus animals around the worldsince 1990 Ellen Trotter period 7 Themes of Water forElephants include love,courage, admiration,sexuality, freedom,and dominance Nebraska Jacob Jankowski- A man who studied atCornell to become a veterinarian,until aweek before graduation when his parentsdied in a car accident. He then jumps ona train, which happens to be a circustrain. The story chronicles Jacob and hisexperiences of falling in love, avoiding theabuseof his psychotic lover's husband, hisexpiraments of sexuality, acceptance,andlove. 1930- 123 million citizens2010- 309 million citizens1930- Bread: 5 cents2010- Bread: $3.751930- Eggs: 18 cents2010- Eggs: $21930- Ham: 32 cents/pound2010- Ham: $1.49/pound1930- Milk: 46 cents/gallon2010- Milk: $3.67/gallon1930- Butter: 36 cents/pound2010- Butter: $1.60/pound A majority of Nebraska's 87 state parkswere created by the Civilian ConservationCorps during the Great Depression. Forparks that were already opened, such asScottsbluff National Monument, men werepaid to create roads and hiking trails thatare still available to the public today
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