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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. Location of Fresh Water Although fresh water is limited verylimited to us humans, we are still ableto find the location of the few natural products. For example, we can find fresh water in icecaps, glaciers, icebergs, and sometimes ground water. The reason fresh water is so hard to find is because the distances are too hard to obtain and reach. 1. Fresh Water Dangers 1958 Water Current Impact Financially Physically 783 million without access to water in the world Physically Although water issuch an importantsupply to us, it hasalso damaged ourworld in many ways.Natural disasters cannot be helpedbut people can findaway to support those in need who have dealt with problems like these. Water on Earth has made sucha big impact for us around the world. Water has both goodand bad ways that effect the Earth physically, Mentally,and financially. Water can rangefrom salt, fresh, and drinkable. Mentally Mentally Financially When water reacts to our Earth, many objects get crushed and destroyed leaving scars for many families. If a natural disaster occurred, and people get killed, their family members will have many deep hurtful feelings inside of them. 16 billion dollars arespent each year forbottled water in theUSA. US and China are the largest consumer for plastic water bottles. Water bottles, tap water,and any other sort of watercauses fortunes. For example,with all the money we spendbottled water in the US, we can build thousands of wellsin Africa. This way, it can help kids gain a better lifecycle. Yearly global water bottle sales are at the averageof 858 million Fresh water has been very limited in the past years. Finding pure water is really difficult for more then half the world's water is polluted. Every single day, people dump industrial waste into lakes and rivers thinking that it would disappear eventually. They are wrong however. Once pollutants enter watersuch as bacteria, they may not be able to dissolve for over 10 years.