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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ARE YOU WATER WISE? double click to change this header text! Did You Know? Australia wastes more water per head than any other country in the world, despite being the driest continent Water Covers Around 75% of the Earth's Surface with:97% of this being salt water.2.5% frozen in glaciers and ice caps.Leaving 0.5% for plants, animals and humans to share!One out of every eight people in the world does not have access to safe water.In Australia, the average person uses 282 litres of waterevery day. The average person in the developing world uses 10 litresof water every day. An Australian Family's Water Use 1. Only shower once every two days.2. Re-route toilets to tank water.3. Plant native plants that require less water. Litres Saved in a Year:822 LitresMoney Saved in a Year:$450.04 Water Use Having a Shower 37% 16% Having a Bath 15% Flushing the Toilet 1% Drinking Water 1% FoodPrep. National Water Footprint Total amount of water usedby the nation, including the goods and services. It has two parts:Internal Footprint, water usage inside the country andExternal Footprint,water used outside the country, to produce the goods and services the country consumes. Individual Water Footprint How much water is required to produce the goods and servicesused by you. Example individual WaterFootprint: 2583 m3/year India is a developing country, most live below average living standard, making it difficult to afford water safe to use.Average monthly disposable salary in Australia , in India it is $520. Therefore Australia has more ability to buy and consume goods. Our footprint is larger. Why the Difference? India uses half the water of Australia per person. India's External Water Footprint is 1/4 Australia's. India consumes much less than us and few goods are produced externally. Australia: Average Water Footprint: 2315m3/yr per capita Footprint outside Australia: 11.8%India: Average Water Footprint:1089 m3/yr per capitaFootprint outside India: 2.5% Ways to Save Water
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