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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WATER POLLUTION Water pollution is an undesirable change in the physic-chemical or biological characteristic of water due to addition of materials in quality and quantity, which is harmful to live in beings including men. Industries, sewage from towns and cites, washing cloth and cattle in water bodies, fertilizers and pesticides carried into water bodies are some examples of water pollution. The Problem I am trying to lessen on this project, is how pollution affects water bodies on planet earth and how can pollution be minimize to protect a vital material for the entire echo system including man. THE PROBLEM THE ACTION DEFINITION WARNING Immediate action on government and private companies most be taken to enforce laws and if necessary to implement more strict laws on the treatment of waist, potable and non-potable water, the use of chemicals on land and the recycle and cleaning process of water shores.Moreover, a more aggressive education to all the population in general. The implementation of these actions and much more will have a huge impact and will contribute to a better water quality, in addition to help other pollution problems like land pollution and animal endangerment. Inform Yourself !!! Recycle Your Garbage avoid using plastic bags and bottles use water\efficient appliances thruout the house If Failed to follow these simple procedures, people can endanger sewage and underground water that by consequence will contribute to land pollution and animals decease including man. Protect Planet Earth Do You Care... Planet Earth... I Love You What About Us??? BY: Armando and Jose
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