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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Water Infographic how to fight human trafficking DONATE keep your eyes USE SOCIAL MEDIA fundraise participate in benefit runsand walks donate Blog pRAY Pin TO TELL THEIR STORIES write a letter to a survivor OPEN invite a speaker Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations tweet The National Water Footprint is the total amount of fresh waterthat is used to provide products and facilities benefited by the population of thecountry. The average water footprint for Australia is 2315 m3 /year per capita. Part A: 3 ways to reduce householdwater usage 1. Give a time limit on how long each family member should use water for e.g. 3 minute max in the shower 2. Half flush when going to the toilet. 3. Try to get all loads of all dish and clothes washing done in one go instead of multiple loads in a week. Part A: How much water can our household save using the methods above? In a year our household uses 81 396.9053 Litres we can reduce this by 10 861 Litres using the methods above. I found out that we would save $121in a year. I calculated this byfinding out our yearly costand subtracted the Litres we had saved from ouryearly consumption from ways above. Individual Water Footprint An individual water footprint is the total amount of fresh water that is used to provideproducts for an individual. I chose the U.S.A. The average water footprint of the U.S. is 2842 m³/yr per capita. The average water footprint in Australia is 2315 m3/year per capita. Part B: Select Another County's National Water Footprint I think the amounts of the National Water Footprints are the same because Australia and United States are similar country's and they produce the same kind of products. Water Meter Individual Water Footprint Part B: National Water Footprint Part B: What is an Individual Water Footprint?
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