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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What YOU, your Owners and your Tenants MUST know about WATER DAMAGE Causes of Water Damage - Clogged toilets- Broken pipes/ plumbing- Overflowing washing machines- Leaky roofs- Floods and heavy rain Wet Carpets and the serious Health risks to your Tenants (Effects of Water Damage) - Exposure to bacteria and viruses from sewage- Possible contact with water-borne microorganisms and toxins- Damp encourages pests like dust mites and cockroaches - Carpet will be stained, permanently, if the water is left too long- Wood flooring and structures will warp- Foul odours from the wet carpet, furniture and wood will permeate the house- Growth of Mould, which aggravates allergy and asthma and leads to respiratory diseases What You Should Do YOUR URGENT RESPONSE IS CRUCIAL. (Mould will grow quickly in 24-48 Hours) 1. If the flood is coming from indoors, stop the water at its source.2. Enter the house with care. Wear protective equipment like boots and gloves.3. Turn off the electricity and gas. 4. Call for water extraction and carpet cleaning services.5. Check for damaged furnishings and structures. 6. Take pictures for filing your insurance claim.7. Open doors and windows and use fans to dry the room as much as you can.8. Wipe and dry out your furniture. 9. Consult professional cleaners on the best way to clean your furniture.10. Wash your clothes, curtains and rugs and dry them out in the sun. What We Do For You Bond Cleaning Australia understands the urgent nature of a water damage disaster and we quickly send technicians to inspect and evaluate your property. Our cleaning technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and our water extraction equipment is the most powerful in the market. We use a rapid extraction method to accelerate the drying process. We also offer high quality carpet cleaning, treatment and deodorising services. Your property will soon be clean, fresh and good as new. ! Sources: CALL 1300 766 103EMAIL
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