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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Registration Counter Lesson 1 Lesson 3 WATER BAPTISM Lesson 2 WeekendEncounter WATER BAPTISM DUTY CHART Tend the booth Sat - after serviceSun - after 1st & 2nd & 3rd services - Setup Water Baptism Signboard - Attend to all inquiries Selling of manual Attendance Taker Sunday 9.30am - Take attendance - Arrange candidates in order - Brief candidates how to enter & exit during presentation Water Baptism Presentation Attendance Taker Lesson 1: A Great Decision & Assurance of SalvationLesson 2: Water BaptismLesson 3: Baptism of the Holy SpiritLesson 4: The Lord's SupperLesson 5:The Wilderness Experience & Journey to ZionLesson 6: CLC: Get Ready to Live! Lesson 7: CLC: Sharing the Good NewsLesson 8: CLC: Lifestyle of Giving & Thanksgiving Sunday 12.45pm - Setup Water Baptism signboard - Give out Manual Pack - Take attendance & Collect $ for the Manual Pack after class WATER BAPTISM DUTY CHART Lesson 4-7 Arrange r Collect Feedback Sunday 1.30pm - Give out and collect feedback forms Saturday 9am, ECP - Take Attendance (Inform Candidates their group) - Help to distribute the booklets - Check Candidates are not left in the toilet after their Water Baptism Saturday 8.30am - Setup Water Baptism signboard & necessary signs - Take attendance & Collect Membership Form - Repentance Interview @ 10am - Repentance Interviewer (depends) Lesson 8
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