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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wasting Time at Work What's to Blame?* How Much Time?* Because time is money, every hour wasted has a direct negative impact on the bottom line. Data collected from the following sources: * Sources: Forbes (2012) and (2012) (Yes, even at Arts Organizations!) ** Source: Pew Research Center (2013) 15% 20% of the organizations surveyed say they have reprimanded an employee because of something that person posted or shared online, but only 3% have terminated an employee for improper online behavior.** 24% Policies about Internet Use** have written rules abouthow employees presentthemselves online. 13% provide formal employeetraining on acceptableuse of the Internet. restrict which websitesemployees can visit ontheir work computers. Most Popular Time-Wasting Websites (%): < 1 Hour (39%) 1-2 Hours(29%) 2-5 Hours(21%) 10+ Hours(3%) Time Spent on PersonalSites during Work (weekly): 0 20 40 60 Facebook LinkedIn Yahoo Google+ Amazon CNN YouTube 5-10 Hours(8%) The % decrease from the last time that this survey was conducted in 2008.* 10 64 The % who, in 2012, said that they visitedwebsites not related to work every day during work hours.* 30% 23% 18% 32% 34% 35% No Incentive Low Pay Unsatisfied Long Hours Not Challenged Bored
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