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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AR Question The Waste Lands - Stephen King Paul Johnson6th Hour Theme Star Rating Plot-Line Roland Roland and Susannah practice shooting whenever Eddieis attacked by a bear. Susannah must shoot the bear to save and rescue Eddie and does itsucessfullyTrace back the bears steps and find its home.They find the beam that leads to The Dark Tower and beginto follow the beam.Roland starts to be driven insane until they rescue Jake fromanother dimensionFinally find a city and Jake gets kidnapped and upon savingJake they find a train that takes themcloser to the tower. Roland is a very quiet and knowledgeable character.He is very deadly and very quick and knowsexactly how to use his guns if he needs to.His job is to find The Dark Tower and that is his mainquest as he is a Gunslinger.He is a very rough and tough guy. He only has 3 fingerson his right hand because he got them bit off my a mutant crab. He also is compared to a cowboy typeof person thoroughout the novel.The main conflict he faces is Person Vs. Environment. He is constantly seeking the path to The Dark Tower and things keep getting into his way to get there. How does Roland get rid of the voices in his head momentarily?A. Eddie carves a key that Roland wears around his neckB. Roland takes a special pill he found in the door.C. Roland pushes them out of his mindD. Roland enters a doorway into another world Not everything is as it seems a definite theme.Roland fights his own mind and must discernwhat is real and what is not real. This conflictbegins to drive Roland insane. Apocolyptic Adventure It was very well written and a great book. Not tohard to read but not easy either. The story pregressed at just the right speed.
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