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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Waste In Our Waterways Partner 2 Genesis Cibrian Describe the Tragedy. How and Why this Common is being depleted. You must include a picture of the common being exploited The Common is being depleted because if someone dumps a load of waste water the river could become polluted. *resources - Partner 1 Crystal Grijalva Describe the Commons. You must include a picture of the commons that represents what it would look like under normal, sustainable situation.The fishes and the water that in the waterways are common resources that fish and humans need. Partner 4 Ricky Montero Describe any limiting factors that would occur for the tragedy. Include a graph of population growth.Less boats on water ways causes less oil spills and the limiting amount of fish catching. Partner 3 Eduardo Vasquez Describe how the tragedy would relate to population growth. You must include a picture that represents population growth. The population growth would be a tragedy because once the water gets polluted people can no longer swim and boat in it. Also if the water gets polluted it people cant drink water from the river. This section is for all 4 partners Brainstorm ways this tragedy could be overcome to reach sustainability. You must include a picture that represents the strategy and how it relates to your common. Crystal- Fish only like 2 times a year limiting the oil spills and the trash that fishermans throw and no swimming in public rivers and water habitats. Eduardo- What we could do is we could dump the waste water somewhere else. Somewhere thats not close to the river so it doesn't get polluted. Ricky- I think that tragedy would relate to population because that how much trouble we would have water fall Genesis- What we could do is there could be less boats because it will cause less oil spill.
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