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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Warriors Game By Mika, Ronni, and Ashley Idea: Mika, Ronni, and Ashleypretend to be cats, and explore the world of the clans. They learn about the clans, and the world.They also learn about theirparents, for they were abandoned as kits. Story There are three loner cats,Brooke, Mouse, and Leaf,and they live in a cave, on the RiverClan border. They are allsisters. They were abandoned as kits there. Soon,when Mouse, and Leaf were old enough, Brooke, the oldest, decides to share a special book with her sisters. This book charts every single cat that has ever lived in in the clans. Brooke tells Mouse andLeaf about their parents, Oakheart ofRiverClan, (now Oakstar) and Tawneypelt of ShadowClan. Brooke tells her sisters about their mother and father and whey they abandoned them.Tawneypelt died, but Oakstar is still alive.Tawneypelt left Brooke, Mouse, and Leafa letter. It said they had to find a patrolof RiverClan, with Oakstar on it, and go tohim. Tawneypelt said he would bring themto RiverClan, where they would be safe. Oakstar makes Brookfeather his deputy,and makes Leafstrom his medicine cat.Mousestep is a warrior, for now. One day,werewolves invade RiverClan camp, and Oakstar loses his last life. Brookstar makes Mousestep her deputy. Soon, the werewolves invade, so RiverClan is forcedto move to the mountains, in a cave. Setting The cave the sisters lived in in the beginningRiverClan campBig Rocks (wherethe sisters trained acrossthe riverThe riverthe mountainsThe new cave (the new camp) What They Look Like Brookstar: Brown fur with silverspecks, blue green eyesLeafstorm: Ginger fur, green eyesMousestep: Gray fur, amber eyes Sand: Sandy yellow fur, brown eyesMisty: Silver fur, green eyes Family Tree/Relationships Oakstar Tawneypelt BrookstarMousestepLeafstorm SandMisty(Lived with themwhen they wereloners) TigerkitEmberkitSmokekitMoonkit ?
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