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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] December 1807Embargo Act was passed by US Congress stopping trade with Foreign Nations ROAD TO THE WAR OF 1812 June 1807-The Chesapeake AffairHMS Leopard fired on and boarded USS Chesapeake off Norfolk, Virginia March 1809James Madison is inaugurated as President of the United States November 1811The first session of the ContinentalCongress convenes at Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, due to the British Parliament's enactment of the Coercive Acts in the American colonies November 1811-Battle of TippecanoeA conflict between the Confederacy ofNative Indian warriors led by Shawneemember Tecumseh and United Statesarmed forces under the leadership ofGeneral William Henry Harrison. The War of 1812A military conflict, lasting for two-and-a-half years, between the USA and the UK of Great Britain and Ireland * The final battle of the war wasfought on January 8, 1815, afterthe Treaty had already been signed. We have met the enemy, and they are ours. - Oliver Hazard Perry 4) Britain was forcing U.S. sailorsto serve on British Navy ships, 3) Britain was arming the NativeAmericans with guns Factors that led to the War of 1812: 1) Great Britain was preventing U.S. trade with foreign countries, * The war of 1812 began on June18, 1812, and ended December 24, 1814 * President Madison finally signedhis name on the Senate ratifiedtreaty on February 16, 1815. 2) Great Britain tried to preventU.S. expansion westward 5) Americans wanted to save theirhonor in face of British insults * During the War of 1812, 2,260Americans were killed in action * Approximately 15,000 died from causes such as disease * 4,505 Americans were wounded. * During the War of 1812, 1,600 British were killed in action * 3,670 British were wounded * Approximately 3,321 diedfrom causes such as disease. Work, Exchange, and Technology (WXT) America and the World (WOR) Environment and Geography-Physical and Human (ENV)
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