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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Distracted Walkers" are a major concern for cities and states Out of 78,000 pedestrian injuries 10% have been blamed on cellphones. THESIS The statisticle characteristics of human population To examine closely and minutely; attentively. Anecdotes: A person walking on foot. Scrutinize: Demographic: Pedestrain: VOCABULARY Henderson, Tim. "'Distracted walkers' are major concern for cities and states." Newsela., 17 Dec. 2014. Web. Jan. 28, 2015 To impose; collect by legal authority Levying: By: Ciara Brown, Kayley Johnson, Parker Thies, and Keeley Winters Texting and walking is a dangerous event that causes injury to pedestrians. Injuries due to cellphones have gone up 35% since 2010. To reduce injury, certain states have lowered speed limits in town,and have set up text walking lanes. According to a recent survey, one quart of pedestrians admit to texting while crossing the street. . . . . Many people have found it hard to set aside their phone when they are walking. These distracted walkers are becoming a problem all over America. Many people have been reported as injured or killed by not paying attention to where they are going. This has led to certain state fundings to reduce speed limits, or put text walker lanes on the sidewalk. Even though state regulation has gone this far; many people still continue to use their phone while walking today. Short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incedent. SUMMARY
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