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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to changethis text! Glowworms are around the size of a normal mosquito. They are in fact an insect not a worm. Adult glowworms can fly, but poorly. Glowworms are cannibals. The name for glowworms in Māori is "pura toke" meaning blind or one eyed worm. Larvae can last a few months without eating. Women glowworms are usually larger in size then males. Arachnocampa Luminosa (Glowworms) Limestone Cave Type of Cave Location New Zealand How the Cave Formed The layers of limestone that were pushed up from the sea floor were buckled and broken. The cracks and joints, separated pieces allowing water to move through. Weathering and eroding it into the caves we see today. Unique Information The name Waitomo is made up of two Māori words. Wai meaning water and Tomo meaning hole or shaft.Queen Elizabeth herself visited the caves. tap and hold to change this title text! My Cave's Specific Formation The cave formation specific to my cave is limestone formations. The stalagmites and stalactites form from the dripping or flowing of water, leaving behind limestone deposits. Waitomo Glowworm Caves Tourist Information To get to the caves from Pennsylvania, you would first take a plane to New Zealand. Then let's say if you were staying in Hamilton, NZ you would travel south of Hamilton for 1 hour. Then get on to State Highway 3. When your off you want to travel on Waitomo Caves Rd. for 8km. Things you can do once your there You can tour the caves, at the end of the tour there is a boat ride that takes you through a dark part of the caves lit up by glowworms. Citations Wikipedia itomo_Glowworm_Caves Ngatuhoa /Facts-about-glowworms.pdf TripAdvisor UserReviews-g616349-d600155-r 230228472-Waitomo_Caves_Hotel- Waitomo_Caves_Waikato_Region_Nor th_Island.html
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