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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WWI Poison Gas & Machine Guns Tactics Live In The Trenches Their beds where made in the trenches walls.Every time it rained a lotand flood the trenches it Would flood their beds that they were sleeping in. - Walls were crumpling down- Could not wash there cloths for days or weeks- There was rats that could be the size of cats- You could get lice very easy - There was maggots and fleas eating on the remains- In 1916 was the coldest winter ever the men got bad frost bit- Men would have to some times walk in waist high water Poison Gas - The Germans were credited first use - There was 17 different types of gases made- The first gas was in 1915 - made gas mask so the soldiers did not inhale the gas in their lungs - If soldiers had gas masks on they would not die they get pockets of puss - 1916-1917 there were approximately 17,000 casualty from poison gas Machine Guns - When germens would shoot poison gas at the men in the trenches the men run out and they have a line of machine guns to kill the men running out - Machine guns inflicted appalling casualties- Men that stood over the trenches had very little chance in living - machine guns where one of the main killers References BBC (2014,january 20). Life on the front line Retrieved from Michael Duffy ( 2009, August 22) life in the trenches Retrieved from Chris baker/Milverton associates (2014) The long, long trailRetrieved from Chris Trueman ( 2014) Poison Gas and World War OneRetrieved from ( BBC,2014) ( Duffy,2009) ( Duffy,2009)
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