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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By the end of WWI, over 80,000 British men were suffering from shell shock.(Bourke, 2011) In 1916, 40% of causalities were victims of shell shock. The UK alone had over 20 mental institutes specifically for patients with shell shock. (Bourke, 2012) Seen as emotional weakness or cowardice, some were convicted in court. (Bourke, 2010) TreatmentsSolitary ConfinementElectric Shock Treatment Emotional DeprivationHypnosisMassage Diet(Simkin, 2014) Shell Shock Loss of eye sight Hysterical tics of the face Stomach Cramps Headaches, and lack of concentration Involuntary muscle spasms Mental instability 80% of shell shock victims were not able to return to service. (Bourke, 2011) Officers suffered worst symptoms, they had to repress their emotions to set an example. (Jones, 2012) Arthur Hurst came up with a miracle treatment that cured 90% of shell shock victims. (Simkin, 2014) o Patients were taken out to the country sideo They were asked to do farm labor to regain their vital facultieso They were encouraged to shoot weaponso They relived battles on reconstructed battlefields. (Imperial War Museum, 2013) Bourke, J. (2011, March 10). Shell Shock during World War One. Retrieved from BBC: explosion frames vector set 03. (n.d.). Retrieved from the Cowardly Dog Season 2 Episode 3- Family Business. (n.d.). Retrieved from Watch Anime Dub: War Museum. (2013, January 7). Retrieved from Flicker:, D. E. (2012, June ). Shell shocked . Retrieved from American Psychological Association :, J. (2014, August). Shellshock. Retrieved from Spartacus Educational: story of the United Kingdom and the United Flag. (2013). Retrieved from Project Britain: (Imperial War Museum, 2013) (The story of the United Kingdom and the United Flag, 2013) (Imperial War Museum, 2013) (Courage the Cowardly Dog Season 2, 2010)
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