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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Germany had been and was still locking up Jewsand Roma. They made their move by invadingPoland 3 years after majorly convincing the worldthat they had changed. Germany had started WWIIand killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust. The decision for Germany to host theOlympics was made before Hitler becamechancellor of Germany and made majorchanges in the German culture. The Olympicswere scheduled to be in Germany beforeAryans were favored and Jews and blackswere treated very unfairly. But Hitler sawthis as a great opportunity to set the stagefor WWII and his long-term plan for worlddomination. Germany fielded the largest team with 348athletes. The US team was the second largest,with 312 members, including 18 AfricanAmericans...The Soviet Union did notparticipate in the Berlin Games. Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.After just three years of theOlympiad, "peaceful" host of the Games unleashedthe unbelievable terror of World War II.After the Games, Germany's expansionist policiesand the persecution of Jews and other "enemiesof the state" accelerated, culminating inthe Holocaust. What Was The Connection Between The Situation In WWII And The Competitive Situation In The Olympics? Hitler used the Olympics as a tool toget more people on Nazi Germanys side The Games were considered by Germany as a key piece in their war plan all along Germany used the 1936 BerlinOlympics, its reentrance into theworld community after WW1, as a time to get the rest of the world thinking that they were peacefuland fair again. Many tourists had no idea of the real Nazi Germanybecause the Nazis madesure Germany looked perfect Germany was biased against blacks, Jews, Gypsies, and almost any other race that wasnt Aryan: (Blue eyes, blonde hair) The regime exploited the Games tobedazzle many foreign spectatorsand journalists with an image of apeaceful, tolerant Germany. All anti-Jewish posters andnewspaper headlines were takendown and very few tourists new thetruth. After the Olympics and beforethe German invasion of Poland in1939, the world thought NaziGermany was harmless and the perfectplace to live, but that was far from true. "The Games themselves became, inthe words of one Times reporter,"the greatest publicity stunt inhistory." Hitler spared no expense toimpress the 150,000 foreign visitors whoattended. Hitler was masking Germany's trueidentity. Hitler was against Jewsand he made it public in Germany, but no where else in the world.Germany was anti-Jewish butalmost all of the tourists had no idea. "The Americans should be ashamed ofthemselves, letting Negroes win their medalsfor them. I shall not shake hands with you really think that I will allowmyself to be photographed shaking handswith a Negro?" -Claimed to have been saidby Hitler "[The Games were] the perfectopportunity for the Nazis to prove to theworld the reality of the Master Race." Germany used the Olympics fortricking the world into thinking thatNazi Germany possessed the "MasterRace." Germany thought that Aryanwas the superior race of the world.They showed this by cleansing theircountry of Jews, blacks, and gypsies. "Throughout the day's events, Hitlerwas seen personally congratulatingthe winners. [But], when threeAmericans stepped forward to receivemedals for the high jump, the Führerwas noticeably absent." This foreshadows the situation inthe war because one of the mainpoints of WWII was for Germany toget revenge on the U.S. and the othercountries who were victorious, andwhen Hitler didn't fairly recognizethe American champions it showedthat he especially disliked the U.S. Hitler hated pretty much all races thatweren't Aryan. He congratulated all athletesexcept Owens. Hitler hated them so muchthat he wouldn't even be seen in a picturewith an African-American even if he wasextremely famous and the best sprinter inthe world. "The Games had been awarded to Germanyby the International Olympic Committee backin May 1931, before Hitler came to power." This foreshadows the war situation because inthe war Germany is trying to take over the worldand in the Berlin Olympics, they had the largestteam. But also according to the article, the U.S.had had the largest team in the Olympics the pastseveral Games. So when The U.S. had a smallerturnout and Germany had a larger turnout it kindof showed that Germany was beginning to overpower the larger forces of the world. Bibliography Link: By CarolineMs. Lanni's Red Class2015
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