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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WWII Propaganda Effect Shelby Scott Propaganda that was used by the Allied and Axis Powers were mostlyused to trick and and scare the enemy and other people.Germany used a leaflet that was aimed to turn the French against their ally, the British. (Paper Bullets) "These jobs will have to beglorified as a patriotic service if American women are to be persuaded to take them and stick to them. Their importance to a nation engaged in totalwar must be convincingly presented." -Office of War Information(Get a War Job!) Since many American menwere over seas, there wereholes in the factories thatneeded filled. So, fashion magazines released spreadsto recruit women into the workforce. They even put out tips on how to dress for the factory work. (Get a War Job!) Almost 3 million women got jobsmaking defensemachinery, and nearly 1/6 of those 3 million women were employed in theaircraft factories. (Get a War Job!) To target the male audience, beautifulwomen were often used in the posters. (Paper Bullets) Another tactic that was used was to make leaders lookbad. In one Stalin was portrayed as Satan. Though, therewere also many of Hitler and other leaders. (Paper Bullets) The Japaneese had a propaganda called the "First blood". It istalking about how the Allied soldiers areexpendable resources.(Paper Bullets) Propaganda was also used toinform Japaneese soldiers, whowere not in Europe, of an Alliedvictory. (Paper Bullets) "His aim was to use all possible means, including propaganda if necessary, to persuade Americansto join the war." They are talking about Churchill during the Blitzkrieg, and him wanting America in the war. (Kelly) "The Daily Telegraph Wrote that 'America is about to see perhaps the most dramatic collection of pictures ever assembled...'"(Kelly) "The striking and inventive leaflets that remain are a colorful reminder that in total war, even art is a weapon." (Paper Bullets)
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