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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Turning Points of World War II The Battle of Stalingrad was the most brutal battle of the war. It started in the spring of 1942 when the German Nazis invaded the city of Stalingrad in the Soviet Union. The Germans easily moved into Stalingrad after bombing the city down to nothing. The Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, refused to give up his city without a fight. The Sovietsbuilt up a big enough army to surround the Axis Powers. Hitler insisted they stay and fight. By the time winter came the German troops were freezing, hungry and without any ammunition. Still Hitler refused to back down.Not long after the remaining Soviet troops were rounded up and put into Soviet Prison camps. This was significant to the Allied Powers becausethis battle was a total defeat for Hitler. The seemingly unstoppable German army was conquered, giving the war a better outlook for the Allied Power. D-Day took place on the beaches of Normandy, France beginning June 4, 1944. The Allied Powers invaded France to begin their conquering of the European nations.Over 150,000 troops landed on the beach that day. By July over one million troops were on the beaches of Normandy. By the end of August, the Germans surrendered Paris. With the beaches secured the Allied forces could begin taking over the rest of Europe. Them success of D-Day was a huge turning point for the war. The Battle of Midway started in the June of 1942. The Japanese for the key American military base of the on the island of Midway in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese had an advantage over the Americans with the number of ships and aircraft carriers they had. The Americans had a more important advantage though. They managed to depict a secret Japanese code that told them when and where the attack was planned. The Allies protected their Pacific military base,while defeting the Japanese, turning the advantage to the Allies Forces. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise invasionof the American Military base in the State of Hawaii,December 7, 1941. Hundreds of Japanese fightersand bombers launched from the undetected carriersdropping bombs on the base below. The attack was done in nearly two hours. Nearly 2,400 Americansdead and about 200 aircrafts were destroyed. The attack ultimately brought the Americans intothe war. Helping the Allied Forces defeat the Axis Powers. On October 1942, at El Alamein the British took advantage of the low supplies and won a great victory. It turned the Germans away from Egypt and took the threat of the Axis Powers away from North Africa and the Suez Canal. Also removed Axis threat from Middle Eastern oil fields.
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