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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 D-Day by Rick Atkinson The gathering-operation overlord is commenced Japan bombsPearl Harbor Dwight D. Eisenhowermeets with colleagues toplan the invasion of France 529 paratroopersand U.S. troops practiced disembarkinglanding craft D-Day starts June 6th 1944 The first 32,000 GIs cleared the resistance nests Aircraft bomb the coast of Normandy May 8th, Eisenhower dispatches a delegationto meet the sovietsand the Germans Japan signs theformal surrender documentSeptember 2, 1945 "We've had a grand life and I hope there'll be more...We'veknown joy and sorrow, triumph and disaster, all that goesto fill the pattern of human existence...Our feet were placedin a large room, and we did not bury our talent in a napkin." -Teddy Roosevelt This quote shows that life is valuable and these menhad talent and chose to use it to fight their hardest and that they sacrificed their lives and everything on one beach. World wide death toll afterWorld War 2 - 72 million The book D-Day by Rick Atkinson depicts the events that occurred during D-Day and some other small battles in World War 2. D-Day wasthe beginning of World War 2 and was the day the U.S. invaded the enemy ridden shores of Normandy, France. The book acknowledges otherevents including the paratrooper operations and small battles inland like operationAlbany. Operation Albany was a mission of the 101st airborne team, which wasa paratrooper team. Finally the book mentions the effects of the war including deathtolls, costs, and celebrations of civilians. Germany officially surrenderson May 8th
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