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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WW2 starts WW2 starts On the other side were the Allies, Poland and China Some countries did not join the war, these countries were called the neutral countries, some neutral countries were Argentina and Sweden World war 2 started in 1939, during the war the countries were in 3 different positions. On one side were the Axis Powers, Germany, Japan, and Italy Japan wanted to conquer Asia and the Pacific. So in 1937 it attacked China. Germany was ruled by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, Adolf wanted Germany to rule Europe. So in 1939 Germany attacked Poland. That's how WW2 started. Ways in which people and children survived Ways in which people and children survived During WW2 people needed to protect themselves from all the danger that war had, to do this they used different sources of protection. During war people had to protect their children, so they sent them to the countryside, far away from war. Evacuatio n Evacuatio n Gas Mask Gas Mask Black Outs Black Outs During the war, everyone had to cover their windows and doors at night with heavy blackout curtains, cardboard or paint, this was called blackouts. People did this to protect themselves from all the dangers of war. During war world 2 people had to protect themselves from bombs and all the danger that war had. To protect themselves they used air masks to be protected from all the dangerous gases that were in the air during war time. WORLD WAR II WORLD WAR II War affected everyone : War affected everyone : During the war people had to survive with very little food. People had to ration food and Clothes because when the enemies attacked, they stolethe biggest amount of food and clothes they could take. People did this to make the enemies weaker.The enemies also did something called air raid. An air raid was when the enemies attacked in planes that dropped bombs. To warn people there was a siren that was a machine that made a noise that warned people when enemy planes were seen. When people heard this alarm they went into the air raid shelter. That was a building that was made to protect people from bombs. Growing in ww2 Children did go to school though some schools moved from towns to the country. As well as ordinary lessons children learned air raid drills, leaving classrooms when the sirens sounded to go to air raid shelters.Many toy factories were now making guns or plane parts or other war things. Children swapped old toys at 'toy-exchanges'. Many wartime toys were made of paper or card, because rubber, plastics, wood and metal were needed for the war. End of ww2 Connections During WW2 many children were evacuated, these kids had to be separated form their families. Anne Frank was separated from her sister Margot when the Nazi soldiers took her to another concentration camp. This shows that many Jews and many kids were separated from their families during WW2. We can also make a connection with Cecilia Grierson because she had to fight for what she wanted, and the Jews people also had to fight for what they wanted. In the book"Number the Stars" the Jews kids had to sufer a lot just because of there religion, and Martin Luther King had to suffer when he was a kid just because of his colour of skin. On June 6 1944, when Allied forces landed in Normandy (France) to begin the liberationof western Europe. Everyone hoped the war would soon be over.However, there were many fierce battles in Europe and in the Pacific war with Japan before the fighting stopped in 1945.
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