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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WW2 Six Horrible years start Defending yourself from attacks War Affecting Peoples Daily Life Germans wanted to conquer Europeso they crossed to Poland. Japan wantedAsia and the Pacific so they attacked China. That was the beginning of WW2. Air raids were attacks from other countries that bombed from planes. Food Rationing Entretainment Although televisions were invented people went to the cinema. Most of people had a radio to keep them informed about the war. Gas bombs that containedpoisonous gases were thrown. Axis : Germany, Italy and Japan.They fought against theAllies and persecuted jewish people.Allies: Denmark,France,Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom,United States and USSR. They wereallied together against the axis (Nazis). Most people had shelters buried in yards or inside their houses. Connections In WW2 the Jewish people were taken to concentration camps and killed Anne Frank died in a concentration camp Thousands of peopledied in car accidents because of the BLACKOUTS: Street lights were dimmed so cars crashed. In WW2 the food wasscares. This happened because enemy submarinessunk boats of other countries with food so very little food got to Britain.So food was rationed. This is a shelter Blackouts Everybody had gas masks. They were used to avoid breathing the toxic gases. Countries Fighting In August 1945 Germany surrendered. A week later Hitler committed suicide and WW2 ended. Attacks 6 Horrible years ended Lots of Jewish people had to hide from the Nazis. Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis in the secret annex. In Number the Stars people wereafraid of Nazi soldiers breaking intotheir houses and killing them, and in WW2 that also happened. The end
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