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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BATTLE OF BRITAIN WESTERN FRONT WW2 The Western Front during WW2 was critically important to ending the war. By forcing a 2nd front, the Germans would become exhausted and eventually defeated. The Battle of Britain was arguably one of the most important battles in WW2.The German Air Force (Luftwaffe)failed to gain air superiorityover Britain.By holding off the Germans, it prevented a possible land invasion of the UK. D-DAY D-Day was the largestamphibious assault in history.It involved Naval firepower and airforce tosoften the ground before the infantry could arrive. US, Canadian, and British soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. Finally Nazi Germany hada 2 front war. BATTLE OF THE BULGE The Battle of Britain was a major air battle between the RAF and Luftwaffe using fighter planes and bombers.Ultimately, the British would win. The Battle of the Bulgewas between the Germansand the Americans. The Germans sought to attack a weak frontand to ultimately recapture Antwerp.The battle involved everything from tanks and artillery to infantry. It was a decisive Allied vicotry. The Battle of the Bulge was significant because it was one of the last major German offensives in WW2. It completely caught the Allies by surprise.Fortunately, the Allies held on and beat back the Germans. Because the German offensive failed, they completely ran outof reserves. OPERATION DRAGOON Operation Dragoon was betweenthe Germans and Allied forceswhere the Allies invaded theSouthern France area. The Allies begun the invasion bysending paratroopers and then used an amphibiousassault.The Allies were victorious as the Germanswithdrew from the area. The success of OperationDragoon helped the Alliesliberate the rest of Francein a span of around 4 weeks.While liberating France, it inflicted heavy casualties on the Germans and the Allies secured important rail lines. OPERATION LUMBERJACK D-Day was a crucially importantbecause the Allies had finally landed on the Western Front. Germany now would have to fight2 fronts which made it verydifficult for her. It was a psychological blow to the Nazi'sand has been credited withturning the tide of the war. Operation Lumberjack was a big success for the Americans because they cleared the Rhine north of Mosel and unexpectedly captured the Ludendorff bridge, which was a strategic railroad bridge still intact. Operation Lumberjack was between the Americans and Germans in Rhineland area in Germany.The goal was for the Americans to secure the west bank ofthe Rhine River and to seize key German cities. It was an important victoryfor the Americans.
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