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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Types of Warfare Uncovered Files of WWI Weapons Uncovered Files of WWI Weapons Chemical Combat Trench Naval Aerial Mostly Used Weapons Rifles Machine Guns Poison Gas Torpedoes Tanks Planes (HistoryontheNet,2014) (Addington,2013) (WW1 Facts, 2014)(Wilkin,2014)(Compound Interest,2014) Works Cited 169 Ships were destroyed Around 70 Types of planes were used by all sides (Eric D ,2014) The first tank appeared on the battlefield on Somme on September 15th (Dunster,2005) (simplon,2010) (Wikipedia,2014) Addington, S. (2013, November ). World War 1 Interactive Display Package . Retrieved from Info Aktiv:, I. (1999-2010). Aquitania. Retrieved from simplonpc:, A. (2014). 10 facts about world war 1 weaponry . Retrieved from Made from History : Interest. (2014, May 17 ). Chemical Warfare: Poison Gases in World War 1. Retrieved from Compound Interest : clips. (2014, 11 20). Retrieved from cool clips: . (2014, November 18). Aviation in World War 1 . Retrieved from Wikipedia :, B. (2014). Aerial warfare during World War One. Retrieved from British Library: War One Wepons. (2014, 11 20). Retrieved from History On The Net: Facts. (2014). Life in the Trenches . Retrieved from WW1 Facts : Facts. (2014). The war at Sea. Retrieved from WW1 Facts :
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