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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Esmeraldas Yard Spaceat terminal Notes: Daily Operations MirrorEcuador Vessel schedule Sea MAERSK LINE MAERSK LINE Land Guayaquil Malfunctions Reefer Positioning Risks on presentWeek Arrived 614 reefers in total106 Starcares. Farbem Sur Contecon Aretina Farbem Norte 125 Operative Reefer Stock: 9% Advise clients to pick up units from ARETINAthere is no congestion and we have enoughequipment. Evacuation plan Reefer Stock Factor: 2.9 38% Quito Dry Stock: 4 x 20' DC13 x 40' HC 8 Total Reefer Stock: 3242 0 97% occupied, receivingMT units. 67% occupied, movingunits to depots. 323 units 22 742 Maersk Batam ETA Mar/6th 13:0026B Maersk Niamey Mar/8th 07:00 StarCare 2 41 195 units reported on week 9. Programmed for S27 20x20 DC 10x40 DC 280x40 HC 2x40 HR PABLB S27 Virginia Trader V1507ETA Mar/5th 22:00 1 Normal 14% Multimodal Quito will close operating soon,date not advised yet. March 3rd 2015 124 Programmed for 742 250x20 DC 50x40 DC 250x40 HC PABLB Programmed for 26B 250x20 DC 50x40 DC 250x40 HC PABLB Berth congestion, possible to haveS27 moored on pier #3 with 60mout of pier As from present week Helene S phase outfrom Esmeraldas Feeder, Virginia Traderwill phase in this service. Virginia Trader delayed at Balboa due toshore crane damage at terminal which delayedprevious services and berth entrance.At the moment ETA to ESM Mar/5th 22:00possible to be more delayed. 39%
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