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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Esmeraldas Yard Spaceat terminal Notes: Daily Operations MirrorEcuador Vessel schedule Sea MAERSK LINE MAERSK LINE Land Guayaquil Malfunctions Reefer Positioning Risks on presentWeek Arrived 1193 reefers in total232 Starcares - 10 SuperFreezers Farbem Sur Contecon Aretina Farbem Norte 106 Operative Reefer Stock: 155 25% Advise clients to pick up units from ARETINAthere is no congestion and we have enoughequipment. Evacuation plan Reefer Stock Factor: 3.0 40% Quito Dry Stock: 2 x 20' DC58 x 40' HC 16 Total Reefer Stock: 3215 0 50% occupied, receivingMT units. 63% occupied, moving unitsto depots. 388 units 80 484 Maersk Bogor ETA Feb/20 13:0030B Maersk Nienburg ETA Feb/22 07:00 Requested dataloggers from Rusia ofmalfunctioning reefers in order toanalyze possible causes. StarCare 3 22 To be confirmed. February 20th 2015 Programmed for S23 017x20 STD 021x40 STD 700x40 HC 028x40 HREF PABLB Programmed for 484 250x20 DC 075x40 DC 250x40 HC PABLB Programmed for 5TF250x20 DC 5x40' OT050x40 DC 2x40' FT200x40 HC PABLB DEBRV S23 HELENE S working at pier 2ETD Feb/22th 18:00 Inducement call of HELENE S at Guq inorder to load Johannes Maersk's overflows.ETA Feb/28 05:00 29% 6 Normal Berth congestion on week 9at the moment Helene S havepier available on Thu 26thevening, in case ETA changesdelay could be extended. Convening CAMAE meeting in order toanalyze and evaluate new operationalregulation from APE. 6% We will evaluate options to get pier forHelene S as per proforma.
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