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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Esmeraldas Yard Spaceat terminal Notes: Daily Operations MirrorEcuador Vessel schedule Sea MAERSK LINE MAERSK LINE Land Guayaquil 756 Maersk Bulan ETA Feb/6th 13:0027B Maersk Nijmegen ETA Feb/8th 07:00 Malfunctions Reefer Positioning Risks on presentWeek Arrived 1230 reefers in total220 Starcares. Farbem Sur Contecon Opacif Aretina Farbem Norte 339 64% Operative Reefer Stock: 538 units 25 119 8% Advise clients to pick up units from ARETINAthere is no congestion and we have enoughequipment. On Wed 11th there will be arrivinga bulk carrier which probably willberth at pier #2 in consequenceHelene S should be docked atpier #3 with around 50m out ofkeel. Normal StarCare 7 31 February 3rd 2015 Evacuation plan No evacuation. Reefer Stock Factor: 3.0 80% occupied 22% Quito Dry Stock: 92% occupied, moving unitsto depots. 0 x 20' DC87 x 40' HC 13 Total Reefer Stock: 3570 4 Programmed for 756 250x20 DC 15x40 DC 125x40 HC PABLB S24 Kiel Trader delayed 12 hoursvs proforma, ETA Feb/05th 20:00 Possible Sealand test in order to load bananasto Chile. Will consolidate 1 normal reefer with2nd class banana, for 22 days will be conectedto power in the exporter farm. Then will beanalized the fruit quality. 153 reefers reported on week 5 Adjusting contract with Contecon in order toreduce handling tariff, empty load/disch orreject CPI increase. Waiting Contecon reply. 6% Programmed for 27B 2 X 20 OT 4 X 40 OT 3 X 40 FR DEBRV Possible inducement call of S26 Hansa Australiato Guq for empty evacuation. ETA Feb/7th19:00 with 10 hours of loading operations.Programmed 975 MT boxes, Nil discharge. 0
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