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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Esmeraldas Yard Spaceat terminal Notes: Daily Operations MirrorEcuador Vessel schedule Sea MAERSK LINE MAERSK LINE Land Guayaquil S23 Kiel Trader arrived on time,at the moment working at pier #2ETD Friday 23rd 09:00 475 Maersk Bali & 25B Maersk Niagarain proforma. Malfunctions 227 units reported by Conteconon week 3. Reefer Positioning Risks on presentWeek Arrived 1345 Reef Total180 StarCares. Farbem Sur Contecon Opacif Aretina Farbem Norte 207 59% Operative Reefer Stock: 358 units 20 57 11% 10% Advise clients to pick up units from ARETINAthere is no congestion and we have enoughequipment. Assignments for Brundicorpi delayed,used dummy units in order to updatesystems. Pushing Contecon for theinfo. Started rainy season, then the tiderestriction for entering the port isbetween 2 hours before and 2 hoursafter high tide. This may causeport congestion and delays. Normal StarCare 21 32 January 22nd 2015 Evacuation plan Evacuation cancelled. Planned for 475 250x20' DC 50x40' DC 275x40' HC Reefer Stock Factor: 2.2 80% occupied 10 0 16% Quito Dry Stock: 50% occupied 1 x 20' DC99 x 40' HC 0 5 6 Due to cancelled evacuation, yard atterminal could be full as from Sat/24thin consequence we will use ZALSAyard in order to receive empty units. 3% Planned for 25B250x20' DC 1x20' OT 20x40' DC 3x40' OT 90x40' HC 2x40' FRPABLB DEBRV Total Reefer Stock: 2383 Reefer Stock Factor projected untillweek 15 is 2.8 - 3.0 Inducement call for Kiel Trader at Guqnot confirmed yet. Veronica Chaw, Gabriela Valenzuela,Jorge Davila y Fabricio Constantevisiting GM office at Quito for revising2015 strategy.
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