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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Esmeraldas Yard Spaceat terminal Notes: Daily Operations MirrorEcuador Vessel schedule Sea MAERSK LINE MAERSK LINE Land Guayaquil S23 Kiel Trader ETA Thu 22nd06:00 advanced 2 hours in orderto catch high tide. 475 Maersk Bali & 25B Maersk Niagarain proforma. 72% occupied, evacuating reefer unitsto depots at the moment. Malfunctions 227 units reported by Conteconon week 3. Reefer Positioning Risks on presentWeek Arrived 1345 Reef Total180 StarCares. Farbem Sur Contecon Opacif Aretina Farbem Norte 157 59% Operative Reefer Stock: 274 units 40 40 18% 8% This quantities are retrieved from yards.Is what we got today early morning.At the moment we are dispatchingunits normally. Opacif dispached all operative units. Chiquita informed their intention topick up units at night hours, probablystock will be low at nights, we will tryto reserve units for them. Total Reefer Stock: 2831 reefers Started rainy season, then the tiderestriction for entering the port isbetween 2 hours before and 2 hoursafter high tide. This may causeport congestion and delays. Potential Inducement call of Kiel Traderat Guq on Fri 30th 14:00 will adviseconfirmation. Normal StarCare 5 10 5 0 January 20th 2015 3 Super Freezersoperatives at Opacif. Evacuation plan Planned for S23 250x40' HC 10x40' DC 5x20' DC Planned for Bali 250x20' DC 50x40' DC 275x40' HC Plan for 25BNot ready yet. Reefer Stock Factor: 2.5 57% occupied 17 0 0 15% Quito Dry Stock: 2 x 20' DC98 x 40' HC
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