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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the history of +The concept of a militarynetwork+the commercial network+CYCLADES the Internet US founded the "Defense Advanced Research Project Agency" DARPA in order to secure America's advantage in technology and 3 other conceptswere to be developed,fundamental for the history of the internet The DARPA planned a large-scale computer network, this became the ARPANET by the RAND orporation in America of the National Physical Laboratory in England The scientific network in France In 1957 computers only worked by batch processing (one task at a time), they had tobe stored in big rooms and developers need to call specialists to connect them. also programming was mostly manual and the indirect connection was really annoying In the same year, this started to change for developers could work directlyin the computers, a remote connection has been installed simultaneously, the first concept incomputer technology came up, the idea of time-sharing, that share the processing power of one computer with multiple users On October 4th 1957 during the Cold War The Sovietic Union sent into orbitthe Sputnik 1, the first unmannedsatellite the fear of a "Missile Gap" emerged IN 1958 In the ARPANET small computers,that are theInterface Message Processor and took over control of the network activities, are placedin front of the mainframe that just is in charged of theinitialization of programs and data files Since only the IMPs were interconnected in a network this was also called IMP-subnet was created for remplacing the Network Control Protocol (NCP) developed by the Network Working Group for the first connections between computers because it was more efficient the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) the specific characteristic of the TCP is the verification of the file transfer in order to avoid congestion of the lines (with the expectation of file transfer in the NPL network,designed in a commercial basis), the sent files were divided into smaller packets, which were organized again at the receiver. this is called " Packet Switching" in 1962 in America appear a fear of an atomic confict, because of a discovery in Cuba.So, to avoid tha breakdown during an attack they develop a descentralized network architecturein which, different to the centralized architecture, in case of loss of a node would still be operative also as the communication still used to work throught radio waves , if an atomic attack occurs they wouldn'twork anymore. also the direct waves don`t have a long range, the best solution was the model of a distributed network, in which long distances could be covered with a minimum of interference curious fact:The term "internet" was born with the deveolment of the communications between networks of CYCLADES The IP Protocol is a standard that guaranteed compability between networks and finally merged them, creating the internet, that was born when the TCP assimilated the preferences of the Open System Interconnection reference model (created by the International Organization of Standartization) Also the IMP served as interfase for the mainframe IMAGES TAKEN FROM (everything:15/03/2015)
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