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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LITERACYACTION PLAN Worcester Public Schools DISTRICT FOCUS DATA COLLABORATION HQTL Are we planning withthe end in mind for rigorous, standards based instruction? As leaders, are wecommunicating relentlessly? All personnel in the Worcester Public Schools will align efforts to have all students show growth in their ability to read fluently, comprehend deeply, think criticallyand respond effectively. This will be accomplished through the implementation of rigorous evidence-based instructional practices and a standards based curriculumacross all content areas. Multiple measures including formative and summative assessments will be used to monitor our progress, refine our practice and improveour capacity to ensure all students reach and exceed grade level expectations and graduate college and career ready. Are we workingtogether to createa community of learners? All Worcester Public Schools students will regularly engage in listening, speaking, reading and writing to become highly literate, creative collaborators, strategicproblem solvers and effective communicators. Our students will be self-directed learners who critically examine varied points of view and carefully weigh and managecomplex information presented through multiple media. Our students will also demonstrate respect and understanding of their position as contributing members intheir local and global community. 100% of WPS Students Graduate College & Career Ready Does the work align withthe students' needs basedupon an analysis of real timedata? LEADERSHIPEXPECTATIONS Are our evidence-based practices grounded inthe HQTL? WIDA & RETELL Do students havedaily opportunities forreading, writing & discourse? CURRICULUMMAPPING Are we using our SEI course knowledgeand Model PerformanceIndicators to address the components of:1. Content2. Language3. Scaffolding
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