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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 stay connected to the internet how people VANCOUVERPHOTOWALKS I would like to take this program in order to help get my leadership and management skills to the level where I can use my time primarily for businessdevelopment and strategic purposes. I feel like I can be more effective by prioritizing differently and feel that I havecome to my limits with the knowledge I have now. I am an entrepreneur, and I have grand visions of a successful company but I am stuck on a few key points. My professional goals are to create what I envision, which is a profitable tourism companythat has regularly scheduled tours and a global reach but a local feel. I want to help create photowalks into a "thing" that is known around the world as a must-do activity for photography enthusiasts.Personally, I would like to sleep more, take better care of myself, and not spend every waking hour stressing about what needs to be done with the business. There are women running success business everywhere and I'm convinced I can be one of them, I just need some helpto get there! Suzanne Rushton suzanne@feelingphotography.com604 318 | Contact Info Application for WIL Mentorship Program Personal & Professional Goals Desired Mentor Industry and Traits Application submitted December 2, 2014 & FEELINGPHOTOGRAPHY My preference would be to find a mentor who is an entrepreneur but who is now running a multi person small company. My businessis in the tourism industry but it doesn't have to be that. Perhaps a (successful and profitable) yoga studio owner, or design firm. The keycharacteristics that would help me at this stage are people who have made developmental decisions starting from ground zero. Advertising decisions, incorporating decisions, hiring key staff, business processes etc. Because I also run a photography business, a photographer could be helpful, provided they are also running additional businesses and/or at the point where they have hired staff or agencies to outsource non core tasks. Thank you! Thank you very much! I appreciate the opportunity to be matched with a successful entrepreneurial woman in Vancouver. I very much look forward to paying it forward once my business has a life of its own, and being a mentor myself. Sincerely, Suzanne Rushton
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