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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World Heritage in Numbers A survey found that visitors to WH Cityof Fez in Morocco would pay anadditional US$70 (40) per night as afee that is aimed at preservingand improving conditions in theMedina (World Bank, 2012) Fashion brand, Tods has pledged over $32 million (23.4) to restore the Colosseum in Rome, Italy (CNN, 2013) Riga International Airport in Estonia has added 12 newinternational flights and welcomes a new airline thissummer ( After WHS designation in 1984, visitors to the Statue of Liberty increased from 1 million in the early 80s to over 5 million in 2000 The Cornish Mining WHS gained a 100% increase of additional revenue (£3.8 million [$6.5] per year) since itsdesignation in 2006 It is predicted that if Bextar County in Texasearned WHS by 2025 it would gain:-$44-105 million (3.2-7.7) in additional economic activity-465-1,098 additional jobs-$0.8-2.2 million (0.6-1.6) in additional local hotel tax revenue Visitation in Bamberg, Germany grew by nearlytwo-thirds in the 15 years following WHS designation in 1993 WHS in Australia contributed $16 104.3 million in annualdirect and indirect national output or business turnover in 2008 Vietnam's use of World Heritage for brandinghas contributed to a n alleviation of povertyand has brought rise to an 11.1% increase ofinternational visitors each year (VietnamChamber of Commerce and Industry, 2014). After a 7 year conservation and rehabilitationproject Quito, a World Heritage City in Ecuadorhas emerged as "South America's Leading Destination",as recognized by the World Travel Awards in 2013 (Inter-AmericanDevelopment Bank [2010] and World Travel Awards [2013]) WHS attracts foreign and cultural visitors whoare more likely to stay longer and spend more Businesses are attracted tounique historic environments WH Cities are more likely to gainadditional public and private funding Scotland's Edinburgh World Heritage leveraged over £1.9 million ($3.2 million) of additional funding in the form of grants, donations and sponsorshipthrough awarding over £400,000 ($700,000) in conservation grants for historic properties(EWH Annual Review 2011-2012) Did you know that... In a public-private partnership with the City of Philadelphia Global Philadelphia Association Three Logan Square, Suite 31001717 Arch StreetPhiladelphia, PA Twitter: @GlobalPhilaFacebook: GlobalPhiladelphiaAssociationInstagram: GlobalPhiladelphia
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