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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Taking Good Care of the Sunroom The following are some tips to properly maintain and clean every major part of your sunroom: Cleaning the Vinyl Properly Sealing the Sunroom Thoroughly inspect to check that the seals fitted to the windows and doors of the sunroom are in place. If they are dislodged, slide them back into position to avoid damage. If the seals have been worn out, have your sunroom provider replace it right away to avoid further damage. The vinyl frame of the sunroom is a crucial component, as it helps keep the entire structure intact. It needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain durability. You can wash it with a solution of warm water and soap after several months to remove debris and grime. There are industrial strength non-abrasive cleaners available out in the market that are suitable for removing stubborn dirt and stains. Consult with your home improvements provider for any recommended cleaners suitable for your sunroom.Do not use corrosive or highly abrasive solutions. Also, avoid using power washers, as they could dent parts of the sunroom Cleaning the Roof Panel The aluminum roof panel can be simply washed with warm water every several months to remove debris and grime. However, for roofs with stubborn stains and dirt, you can wash them with water and soap. Avoid walking on the roof to prevent denting. Cleaning the Glass For sunrooms with glass roof, keep in mind that the glass material may be built to only withstand certain weight ranges. Avoid walking on it.Do not usepressure washers on glasses. You can wash the sunroom's glass with either a commercial glass cleaner or a warm water mixed with detergent. Avoid using corrosive cleaners that could scratch the glass or damage its surface. Avoid using any sharp objects to scrape stubborn stain and dirt. Lubricating Moving Parts Be sure that moving parts such as locks, knobs, hinges and handles are lubricated properly for smooth operation of the doors and windows. You can use a lightmachine oil for lubrication or contact your home improvements contractor for recommendations. The sunroom is the perfect place to relax where you can experience the outdoorwithout actually being outside the house. But sunrooms are only about as good as the way you take care of them.
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