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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Be sure to find out whether your city requires that you get a building permit before building an awning. If it is needed, find out if it is the builder who will secure the permit for you. Things to Consider when Choosing Awnings for Your Sydney Home Considerations in Design and Function You will also need to find out if there are limits to thedimensions of home additions, which should include patios and awnings.Try to find out too with your builder if the part of the homewhere the awnings are going to be attached is structurally durable. Types of Materials For best results, choose an awning that has a colour that complements your home. Some of the other things you need to think about iswhether to choose a motorised,a fixed or retractable awning. Retractable awning is perfect for those who love spending some time outside the home. For protection, you can easily set it up. Motorised awning on the other hand provide extreme flexibility and convenience with the power of the remote control. They can be a bit more expensive, however, and require more frequent maintenance. As a tip, choose materials for the awning that arecommon in homes around your area. Some of the commonly used materials for awnings include vinyl, plastic or acrylic. They work best for areas that have frequent rains. They are also very durable, but may be vulnerable to wearand tear if not maintained properly. Awnings made of fabric may be suitable for warm areas, but not so much for areas with frequent rains. If fabric is strong choice, choose the retractable type so you caneasily keep them away whenrainy season hits. Most types of awnings are very easy to maintain and clean. With proper cleaning solutions recommended by your builder, you can ensure that your outdoor awning will last longer, perhapseven longer than expected.You can have them washed and clean as frequent as once each month or once every year. Regular Maintenance
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