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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WGSS Training Manual #1 - Gator #2 - Chomp Jog 1 Lap, Skip/Sideslide 1 lapHeel-Toe rolls x 15Backwards heel-to rolls x 15Single leg RDL x 10/legWalk & bow lateral movement w/ stretchHand kicksLeg swings frontal & sagittalOverhead side reach lungeA-progression flat foot to ball of footFrans Bosch drills (2) Dylan will demonstrate to beginSingle leg AsRhythm AsStanding starts Jog 1 Lap, Skip/Sideslide 1 lapDynamic Flexibility#2Heel-Toe rolls x 15Lateral foot rolls x 15 each directionSupine hand kicks x 10-15Over the fence (hip flexibility!)Leg swings frontal & sagittalHurdle seat rolloversMarching knee hug w/ twistA-progressionFrans Bosch drills (other 2) Triples (3-5 each leg)Carioca 20-30m each directionStanding starts Hurdle Mobility Trunk twist standing, bent over, kneeling coach to chooseWide grip baseball swingLunging side bends, stick above headLunge position snatch grip, big archStir pot with stick in ground spine moves, not the stick! Hurdle Walkover (alt lead leg) spc = rail-to-rail Hurdle Walkover (constant lead leg) spc = one shoe Lateral Skip (straight leg) spc = one shoe Later Skip (flex leg) spc = one shoe Over under (R-L) spc = rail to rail+2-1 walkover (alt lead leg) spc = rail to rail Medball Routines Standing OHFSupine Leg LiftKneeling Good MorningSoccer PushKnee TossPartner Hip ExchangeKeeling Shoulder Catch/ThrowProne Catch/ThrowSeated Roll-over Catch/ThrowOverhead w/StepLeg Toss Warm-Up Dynamic Flexibility #1 Dynamic Flexibility #2 Technical #1 Technical #2 Mobility Series Multi-Throw/Multi-Jump Routines Back Mobility w/stick Skips (Str. Leg) 3 shoes aptSkipovers (constant lead leg) (L & R)Skipovers (alternate lead leg)Static-Dyn Skip (alt lead legs) Back heave for height Front heave for distance chaseLateral heave can be done in hurdle position, work with partnersChest heave Multi-Jump #1 (Into Sand Pit) Static Dynamic Medball #1 Medball #2 Multi-Throws (w/Shot Put) Mulit-Jump #2 (On Grass) Back heave for distanceBetween Legs Front heave for distance Lateral heave Chest heave Standing long jumpStanding Triple Jump3 double leg hops Skip for HeightSkip for DistanceStraight Leg Bound Flexed Leg Bound
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