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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 #2 Supine Double Leg Raise/LowerProne Hand Stand Flex Knee RaiseBicycles (2 Count)Spotted Toe TouchesFire HydrantsKneeling Back TiltKneeling Forward Tilt (w/Partner)Prisoner SquatsProne Hip ExtendersToe Raises 10 x Double leg 180 degree hopping. Reverse direction each time5x Double leg jumps for distance 20m running As10 Burpees30sec. plank200m tempoWalk back repeat as needed (coach to decide this) Hurdle Mobility Recovery/Motor Strength Heel Walk ForwardHeel Walk BackwardToe Walk ForwardToe Walk BackwardInside Foot ForwardInside Foot BackwardOutside Foot ForwardOutside Foot Backward General Strength Routines Dynamic Flexibility #1 Technical #1 Mobility Series Hurdle Drills Skips (Str. Leg) 3 shoes aptSkipovers (constant lead leg) (L & R)Skipovers (alternate lead leg)Static-Dyn Skip (alt lead legs) Low Walk ForwardLow Walk BackwardDuck Walk ForwardLateral Low Walk (Left and Right)Lunge Walk Static Dynamic Low Walks Foot Strength Hurdle Drills #1 Hurdle Drills #2 Trail Leg Cycle and ReverseLead Leg Attack Trail Leg RailHurdle StraddleStep over with lead leg attack Lateral Skips (3 Shoes Apart)Skipovers Constant LeadSkipvers Alternate LeadStatic-Dynamic Alternate Lead #3 #4 Push UpsSitting TucksProne Lat pulldownPush upsV-SitsBack Hyper w/TwistPush UpsCrunchPush UpsBack Hyper w/Twist --REVERSE ORDER-- #1 Core Workout V-SitCross CrunchSuperman PulsesCross Crunch Superman PulsesThe 100 Double Arm Core Workout #1 Core Workout #2 Prone Elbow Stand Single Leg RaiseSupine Elbow SLRProne Hand SLRSupine Hand SLRLateral Elbow SLRLateral Hand SLRProne Elbow Stand Flex Knee RaiseSupine Elbow FKRSupine Hand Legs Circles In/OutCrunch Low Reach
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