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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. SHOWCASE YOUR BRAND IDENTITY THE VERBAL THE VISUAL + HOW YOU ARE ULTIMATELY PERCEIVED THE WELCOMING FACTOR OF A WEBSITE 3. KEEP A CONSITENT LAYOUT If you are wondering how you can build a strongidentity think of the large brands and the consistency they present to the public. Their consistency stems from figuring out their position in their respective market. Spend time researching what your business is about and how you want to be perceived. Its crucial to understand your Customer Avatar and apply tactics that target your specific audience.Use Google Analytics to ensure that your brands dialogue, layout and content is working with what you have to offer. SO, ASK YOURSELF. IS YOUR WEBSITE EASY TO NAVIGATE AND USE ON ANY PLATFORM? An important factor in building a responsive website is to create a consistentlayout ensures the user can easily navigate from page to page. When producinga website for the first time or recreating a site make sure the layout your design firm choices is consistent. Having a high quality layout inevitably affects how your business is perceived. By utilizing a proper layout you can achieve the goals you want. Enable the actions you want to achieve by supplying the user an easy to use interface. 2. ALLOW EASY ACCESS TO SOCIAL MEDIA GOOD DESIGN INSTILLS CREDIBILITY The Three Steps to Consider = SOCIAL MEDIA IS A KEY TOOL AND PLAYS AN INTEGRAL ROLE INREGARDS TO AMPLIFYING YOUR DIGITAL REACH. ENSURE YOUR MOST ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS HAVE EASILY ACCESSIBLE ICONS FOR YOUR USERS TO CLICK ON BUILD TRUST + GROW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE USE PLUGINS LIKE SHARETHIS, DIGG DIGG, JETPACK
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