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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Walt Disney World Speaking of the Cinderella Castle -”the most photographed building in the world”- do you know how many stone blocks were used to create the Cinderella Castle? When someone says disney world probably one of the first things that comes to mind is: The Magic Kingdom. This is because it is the most famous of all the Walt Disney world theme parks, not to mention home to the Classic Cinderella Castle! That's right, the buildings shell is actually a steel skeleton covered in fiberglass. The castle was built to withstand hurricane-force winds exceeding 90 mph!” The Magic KIngdom is also home to Fire station 71 in town square. Know why its numbered 71? Its in honor of 1971, when the Magic Kingdom first opened. Magic Kingdoms classic toontown recently went through its biggest makeover in history. Ground was broken on the expansion in 2010, and the project is now completed and we know whatthe results are called, thats right, Fantasyland! The newest adition in the Magic Kingdom.. When visiting animal kingdom, you will probably pass the lions on the kilimanjaro Safaris, but dont be too afraid for yourself or the nearby animals. Because hidden from the visitors view, an 18-foot-deep, 21-foot-wide moat separates the lions from other animals and the rides vehicle path. Animal kingdom has many great rides. You might even dare to enter the famous Expedition everest for a glimpse of its colossal audio-animatronic Yeti, you wont be disappointed. Disney went all out for an unforgettable encounter, creating one of the most advanced audio-animatronic characters ever. With all of the Yetis hydraulic cylinders combined, it has a potential thrust of 259,000 pounds of force. This enables it to move very fast and seem lifelike. Animal kingdom showcases more than one million square feet of rock. That kind of volume could create a monolith 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep by 2 miles high!” The castle in Epcots Japan pavilion is a replica of a seventeenth-century fortress, the Shirasagi-Jo (meaning white heron castle). Walt Disney Worlds Epcot hosted a International food and wine festival in 2010! The event served up 100,000 desserts, 33,000 bottlesof wine and champagne, 3,000 gallons of soup, and 690,000 food samples! Sounds like one heck of a party right!” Epcots land pavilion has a one-of-a-kind tomato tree growing in its experimental greenhouses Disney hollywood studios is where you can find the most advanced multisensory attractions in the world. The twilight Zone Tower of Terror! Where you can experience visual, audio, and olfactory special effects in a random ride-and-drop sequences that make each trip a unique experience. The Tower of Terror is alsothe first attraction in the world that actually determines its own ride sequence. Another one of hollywood studios famous rides is the Rock N Roller Coaster. Which lays claim to several design firsts. Its first launching roller coaster, utilizing linear synchronous motor technology (catapulting you from zero to 60mph in less than three seconds); the first to have inversions (three to be exact); and first coaster to be synchronized to music! Hollywood studios is home to the epicshow: Fantasia! But did you know that it is intentional that you cant see the bottom of the 1.9-million-gallon-moat used for the show? The water is only 1.5 feet deep, So disney leaves some algae in it, even though it is filtered and treated in order to mask its depth. There are many different jobs for the cast of WDW to complete. Notice how I did not say Staff. This is because at WDW most staff members are considered part of the cast. Ok so you want to get a job at WDW but youre not the best actor. Well Have no fear! You could work at one of their many restaurants, work the rides, or you could even join the housecleaning staff, trust me you would be very busy if you got that job, the Disneys housekeeping staff washes more than 285,000 pounds of laundry and dry-cleans at least 30,000 garments each and everyday! Walt Disney World employs more than 62,000 people, including at least 58,000 cast members! Thats more than twice the number of employees at the pentagon (23,000), one of the worlds largest officecomplexes! WDW is, in fact, the largest single-site employer in the USA!”. So if you are ever anywhere near WDW and looking for a job, try Walt Disney World. Im sure that they could find you a place to work somewhere A team of imagineers is the creative force behind all the Disney magic. Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) is responsible for design and development throughout the Walt Disney Company. The department was founded in 1952 under the original name WED (Walter Elias Disney) Enterprises.
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