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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Washington Crosses Delaware and Valley Forge Washington Crosses Delaware: December 26th 1776 - Continental Army had been defeated many other times- Decided enough was enough - Desperately crossed the Delaware river - Later than planned- Defeats Hessians - Took them by surprise - Decided to trace back steps-Took Hessian prisoners with-Led to many more successes Valley ForgeDecember 1777-June 1778 The troops were dying, starving, and about to give up before General Nathanael Greene. He whipped them into shape and turned them into a battle-ready army. The Rebel army settled down at Valley Forge because of disease, hunger, and weather. The army was only given a small amount of food each day but they soon ran out. Baron Von Steuben came a few months after they arrived at Valley Forge and he brought food with him. The troops made fire cakes (flour and water made on a Dutch Oven.)
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