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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cooking Up Comfort Food in Botswana Cooking Up Comfort Food in Botswana Challengesin DevelopingCountries Creating Jobs With Food Effects of Micro-enterprises People living in developing countries have many challenges.- poverty, living on a dollar or less each day- not having enough food to stay healthy- many diseases- disease- natural disaster - warsWomen face challenges when trying to get out of poverty.- gender-based division of labor- little or no education What is a micro-enterprise? BIG IDEA: A very smallbusiness with few or no workers Women in developing countries can start their own small business to change their way of life. BIG IDEA: Women in developingcountries can start their own small businessesto change their way of life. A small restaurantis one type of micro-enterprise thatis common. First, thewomen must save upor borrow money topurchase a caravan.Then, she must convertthe caravan into arestaurant by hiringsomebody to buildshelves for dishesand racks to hold thegas tanks that fuel thestove. Caravans oftenhave a stove and coolerbuilt in. Lastly, she mustfind a good location to parkher new business. Somewhere wherepeople work andshop is a good spot. Shewill then remove thecaravan's tires. People eat at her businessfor breakfastand lunch commonly. - people have a placeto eat before workand on their lunch break- women who becomesuccessful can payback their loans andexpand their business- relatives get jobs atsmall business- children get sent to school- purchase land andbuild homes- help improve economic development
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