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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Springfield Public Schools Watkins Elementary LUNCH STATUS2012-2014*Free:72-69%%*Reduced:12-8%*Full Pay:16-23% Internet Usage 90% of Millennials 75% of Millennials use social media What may have caused the major decline in 2014? Today's teachers Watkins Elementary students held fairly steady in Science in 2014, despite changes made to the state test, higher learning standards, and increased amounts of snow days that winter. Here is What we know: How do we IMPROVE? What can we CONTROL? CWTs Totaled 277in 2014 Watkins Elementary's Opportunities for Improvement Watkins Elementary's Opportunities for Improvement ACCOMPLISHMENTS NON-SUBGROUP ON AVERAGE, 31% OF NON-SUBGROUP MEMBERS ACHIEVED PROFICIENT AND ADVANCED STATUS. THIS AVERAGE WAS BOOSTED BY THE 45% OF NON-SUBGROUP 5TH GRADERS THAT WERE PROFICIENT/ADVANCED ON THE SCIENCE PORTION. BUT THE SUBGROUP MAKES UP THE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION: 80% 2012: 80.7% Points EarnedProblem Areas: Attendance 2013: 79,3% Points EarnedProblem Areas: Science, Attendance 2014: 65% Points EarnedProblem Areas: ELA, Math, Attendance DEMOGRAHPICSAm. Indian: 0-1%Asian 1%Black 6-7%Hisp./Latino: 3%White 83-84% DECLINING ATTENDANCE RATESAND LOW DATA/RESOURCE USAGE2012-2014: 87%-85% AttendanceSchools Claiming 90% or MORE of their APR Points Use Data Resources 177% MORE than Watkins. CONSIDER THIS: 60 Elementary schools demographically similarto Watkins ES had 71% or MORE of their students achieve Proficient and/or Advanced status on the MAP in 2014. HERE IS WHAT THEY SAID:
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