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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOCKOUT happening on the West Coast What is The 35% 0% 100% Waterfront current Contract negotiations between the ILWU labor force on the docks and the PMA has been filled with half truths by the employer group and their PR firm. Current negiotiations have been going on for 8 months! Cargo records at the Port of Oakland, imports up 5.9% in 2014 The timeline May 12th Negiotiations begin. Negiotiations continue past July 1st Cargo volumes begin a steady increase Trucker strike in LB/LA causes small disruptions July ILWU caucus P3 carrier alliance rejected. Shipping lines move to create other alliances/monopolies Container volumes up 7% over June 2013 Negiotiations resume Northwest grain and ILWU reach tentative agreement August September Tentative agreement on Health Benefits Rail service issues due to grain harvest Ocean three and 2M along with other 'alliances' order Mega ships carrying 17,000 teu + Container volumes up 6.7 % in LB/LA October Chassis shortages begin to hamper operations at Terminals on West coast Congestion is at a "critical point" Container volumes up 7.1% for Sept. in Oak November Shipping lines add $1000 surcharges Vessels begin to go to anchor due to port congestion Truckers strike again in LA / LB PMA blames labor for the congestion on the West coast ... and then cancel due to huge backlash December PMA stops all Vessel work at night Negiotiations continue January FCMS enter Negiotiations PMA admits congestion caused by management PMA stops all work at night and on weekends February Container yards begin clearing backlog of containers on docks Container yards near empty as backlog is gone and vessels stop working Container yards empty PMA 'lockout' of operations begins for 5 days