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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WANTED By: Shelby Pitts Petaurus BrevicepsAlias: Sugar Glider Kingdom:Animalia Phylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: DiprotodontiaFamily: PetauridaeGenus: PetaurusSpecies: Breviceps Classification Last Seen Petraurus Breviceps (sudar glider) was last seen at Australia moving on for legs on agum tree. Wanted for being a exotic animalin the United States.If seen please return to Australia in the hole of a gum tree. Interesting Facts Petaurus Breviceps can soar up to 200 feet in onesingle straight glide. His furry tail helps him steer while gliding through theair. Petaurus Breviceps canbite into trees and lick the sap from the bark. Defense Mechanisms If Petaurus Breviceps is threatened then he canmake a noise that sounds similar to an electric can opener. At night it can make a barking sound if threatened. Average Lifespan His average lifespan is 15 years. Endothermic or Ectothermic? The Petaurus Breviceps is a endothermic animal. {Endothermic means, warm blooded.} Predators/Prey Petaurus Breviceps preyare small birds and insects.Some of Petaurus Breviceps predators are owls, foxes, large lizards, and cats. Skin Covering Petaurus Breviceps skin iscovered with a layer of soft and fluffy skin. Helpful sites Searchasaurus Kids info bits Adaptations They can hold stuff like bark and sticks to make their nests and to hold onto branches. Primary Food Source It's primary food is insect's.
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