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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 exposure For all aspects of life - school, work, play, hobbies, even keeping up with the news and the times - notifications come from everywhere. All it takes to keep them from consuming youis to learn to manage them effectively. on anAVERAGE day 168 My digital Despite how much raw digital information I'mexposed to, I still can focus and operate and veryhigh efficiency. I also pay attention to those I'm physically around, too. 31 44 5 E-Mail Phone Calls IMs 500+ 29 Screens Devices Average Words-Per-Minute Reading: 1250GPA: 3.89 Average reading session while reading"The Shallows" by Nicholas Carr: 2-3 hours All this technology, and yet I seem to focus just fine. My entire life relies on the use of the web and technology. I work in digital media,I've taken at least one or two online classes each semester throughout college,and most of my hobbies involve technology. (Photography, video production,video games, etc.)But I'm also a very good student and have a huge attention span. So claims thatthe web makes us unable to focus - such as in Nicholas Carr's "The Shallows"always baffle me. How do I do it? When it comes time for me to focus on something, I take advantageof the handy "off" buttons on devices. It's really quite simple.We have control over the technology we use. There's noreason for it to control us. It's a matter of personal responsibilityand will.Disabling notifications for all but important things (calls, texts, emails) on my smartphone helps, too. A funny video for those interested, regarding the "Off Button" -
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