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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Voting Characteristics Age-Older people aremore likely to votethan younger people-Older people tend to vote more for therepublican side-Younger people aremost likely to voteDemocratic insteadof republicans Regions-Religious people are morelikely to vote-They feel that their voicesshould need to be heard-Typically they vote for Liberals candidates becausethey are in favor of programsthat help the needy people,for example welfare, food stamps-Appose abortion Education-The more educatedmost likely to voteDemocratic.-The higher the leveleducation, the morelikely a person is to vote. Labor Unions-Labor Unions are organizedassociations of workersforming to protect and furthertheir right and interest-Most oppose economicinequality and believethe government shouldregulate business andtax the wealthy.-People in Labor Unionsusually vote for Democratic Women-Majority vote forDemocrats-Women usually haveLiberal ideologies-Many favor welfareand helping thosein need Liberals-Believe the government should reduce economic inequality-Share similar beliefs and values just like the Democrats. -Government should regulate business -Tax the rich -Cure the economic cause of crime and protect therights of the accuse-Young and college educated people Conservatives-Believe the government shouldreduce on the welfare states-Keep taxes low-Lock up criminals-Most likely have a higher income,white, and live in midwest. Linkage Institution & How they help voter turnout?-Connects people to the government-Increases voter turnout by broadcasting electionsand candidates, it gets the publicinformed about presidentialcandidates, causing people to vote
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