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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Content Content Audience & Purpose Audience & Purpose Comic Book/Graphic Novel Comic Book/Graphic Novel Sources Sources Voices from Verdun: Comic BookGraphic Novel Rubric Voices from Verdun: Comic Book/Graphic Novel Rubric Does not make any connection between specific research focus and bigger historical context and themesLittle to no historical accuracyNo attempt to answer Driving Questions An attempt at connecting specific topic to bigger historical themes but weakSome concerns about historical accuracy and lack of diligence in research process 1 or more Driving Questions not answered thoroughly or effectively Tells convincing story withhistorical accuracy, connects to bigger historical themes and conceptsDriving Questions answered and tied together in cohesive way No attention to audience and purpose Some attention to entry document and roles played but barely shapes product-Some connection to Musee de la Grande Guerre but incidental at best Project reflects consideration about the audience, purpose, and roles played -Effective, suitable addition to Musee de la Grande Guerre's offerings. No evidence of using sources suggested in Project Briefcase3 or more improper or incomplete citations or poor format in bibliographyNo additional researched sources of quality Uses only 2-3 suggested sources1 or more errors in MLA formatLacks one researched Primary Source or Secondary SourceProject leans on poor sources in at least one instanceOrganizing Sources template not done thoroughly Utilizes sources provided wellAll citations done to MLA direction and standardsUtilizes 5 of suggested sources Includes info from three researched Primary Sources and one researched Secondary SourceCompletes Organizing Sources document thoroughly 19-20 16-18 13-15 10-12 16-18 13-15 10-12 neville's class. 2014 Please note! This green middle section, the area of highest value, is not determined by me.As a group you will make a case for what makes it better than "Proficient" in each area and argue that you've accomplished that with your submission. This will require creativity, experimentation, reflection, and a few stumbles along the way. How will you personalize and/or enhance output in each category in a meaningful and measurable way? Uses page design and space within wellClever, creative, with balanced use of imagery, textColor, font are suitable and cohesive throughoutWork clearly reflects artistic investment, revision, polishingLogical flowing, historically guided, factually plausible storyline easy to follow Page design and use of space is wasteful or distracting in 1-2 placesMostly balanced use of imagery and text but lacking creativity and proper balanceColor, font choices are questionable or lacking cohesion throughoutSome artistic investment apparent but could benefit from further revision, polishMostly logical flow, but storyline loses focus or lacks historical plausibility at 1 or more points No consideration given to page design, use of spaceLittle creativity, cohesion or stylistic investment in balance of imagery/textColor font choices distract and lack any cohesion or suitability for contentHas appearance of a first draft or product that has not moved far beyond that stageNo evidence of fully drafted storyline that fits in and helps to further understand this historical experience
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